Hamid Jalal

Hamid Jalal

Your native Moroccan Tour Director

Meet Hamid the Tour Director

“My family encouraged me to study law but when I saw the impact and meaningful connections I could make in tourism, I decided to follow my passion and dream to travel and share the beauty of my culture and my country. Working as a tour leader is the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m proud to be an ambassador of my culture” says Hamid, who has extensive experience in the tourism industry. Whether diving into the history and culture of Morocco or taking guests on exciting adventures, Hamid has led travelers on deep and meaningful journeys for over 6 years. He is a trilingual tour guide who can speak English, Arabic, French, and his native language Tamazight.

Hamid has an outgoing personality, easygoing character and a good sense of humor. He always greets people with a big smile and welcomes them with open arms. In his free time, Hamid volunteers at an orphanage and believes in giving back to his community whenever and wherever he can.

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Meet Hamid the Social Worker

Helping others has always come naturally to me. Being raised in a small village in the Atlas Mountains, I was aware of the need to help others and became involved with many volunteer projects. In 2015, while attending university in Marrakech, I met Mr. Hansjörg Huber, a Swiss philanthropist who founded an orphanage in Morocco. This meeting changed my life.

When my mentor Hansjörg passed away in September 2022, it left a huge hole in my heart but I am determined to keep his legacy alive. I will continue to find creative ways to bring awareness to the important work that Atlas Kinder does so that every child gets the love, support and education they deserve.

Find out more about Atlas Kinder here.


2013-2017 |  Bachelor degree on law, UNIVERSITY CADDY AYAD

Aug 2023  |  ITMI Tour Guide Certification Program (Expected Certification in Next 4 Months)
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